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Next Day Plus can help you efficiently analyze your data by leveraging the power of our Data Collection Agent.


Knowledge is power! The more data obtained from an environment, the easier Next Day Plus can help you efficiently and effectively analyze it to produce accurate results. To do this, we leverage the power of the Print Fleet Data Collection Agent to collect, store, report, and alert us of our client’s environmental changes. This non-invasive collection tool captures detailed information from networked output devices, including the vast majority of printers, faxes and advanced multifunction peripherals in use today.

Powerful analytical tools then translate the raw data into useful reports accessible at any time via the web interface including:

  • current status for all networked output devices
  • supply levels
  • page counts/meter reads
  • model descriptions
  • serial and asset numbers
  • printer locations
  • utilization and page coverage
  • cost/page tracking
  • automated service alerts
  • historical trend reports

Organized in a series of easily understood screens, the data enables fleet managers to optimize usage, more efficiently diagnose problems as they occur, and painlessly right-size the printing fleet by boosting efficiencies and reducing output costs.

Devices Supported are:

  • Brother®
  • Lexmark®
  • Canon®
  • Panasonic®
  • Epson®
  • Ricoh®
  • Hewlett-Packard®
  • Samsung®
  • IBM®
  • Sharp®
  • Konica Minolta®
  • Toshiba®
  • Kyocera®
  • Xerox®

Bottom Line: Next Day Plus is nerdy about data and your print environment. Ask us for more details about understanding your devices and how to use this vital, cost saving information!

The DCA can pick up the presence of any SNMP MIB-compliant device on the network, but the extent of available information will vary by age and brand of device.

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