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A fleet analysis is your first line of defense for cutting costs and determining areas of improvement. Next Day Plus ensures your fleet is optimized and running smoothly.


Did you ever wonder what printers you have deployed, how many prints they have on them, and when you should plan to replace them?

Enter Next Day Plus

Our certified technicians will go onsite to evaluate and log all your devices. The evaluation consists of a technician printing a configuration at each printer, noting its location or asset information, and quickly inspecting the wearable parts for potential replacement. It takes less than 5 minutes per printer and once the information is compiled, you will receive a comprehensive report of all your devices that will include the following information:

  • Printer Model number
  • Printer Location
  • Printer Serial number
  • Printer purchase date
  • Printer % of Life capacity
  • Toner type
  • Pages printed
  • Percentage of life used
  • Recommended preventative maintenance parts
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