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We believe there is only one MPS program for you and it's the one that is tailored to your business needs!


There is no template to a Managed Print program. Beware: any company that comes in with a stock program is selling you short.

Next Day Plus empowers you with the facts to take control of your printing costs while providing a billing mechanism of your choice. Once Next Day Plus receives your fleet information utilizing our Data Collection Agent (DCA), we will work alongside you to tailor the solution that fits your needs and your budget.

Why Choose a MPS Program?

Depending on your needs, a MPS program might be the perfect solution for you. If implemented properly, Next Day Plus can save your company time and money in labor costs and the overall management of your fleet. We believe there is only one MPS program for you and it’s the one that is tailored to your business needs! This program needs to operate at maximum uptimes and efficiencies throughout the organization. Anything less should be discarded and rebuilt.

How does it all work?

The process begins with a fleet analysis, at no cost to you. This physical data collection of printer information and printer locations is conducted by a certified on-site technician. In addition, our Service Manager will set up a time to work with your I.T. representative to install a DCA on your server. The DCA will provide Next Day Plus and your management team detailed data reports on a wide range of categories, from printing habits, to device models, total page counts, and toner levels. Once the data is collected, your Account Executive and our service team will analyze the data and present you with our findings. This is a critical part in the overall creation of the correct program for you.

Who benefits from this?

Your entire company, and most importantly, those who look at the bottom line! If done correctly, a MPS program will decrease costs, increase efficiencies and uptime. All while extending the life of your printers with routine maintenance and device relocations based on user print demands and machine capabilities.

What else comes with this program? Consider the PLUS...

Consolidated Billing

Your accounting department will love the decreased number of invoices and simplified structure with our consolidated billing.

Ongoing Assessments and Optimization

Using our DCA and communicating with your company’s management and I.T. staff, Next Day Plus will continue to assess and optimize your fleet in real time to ensure the most cost efficient program on the market.

Proactive Maintenance

Our staff ensures a speedy response to all service needs by setting up specialized alerts and active monitoring of your fleet. Depending on alert and error codes, Next Day Plus can dispatch a technician to be on-site to repair your printer before you even know there’s a problem.

Quality Supplies and Parts

Next Day Plus only partners with quality manufacturers you can trust, which includes printing supplies and service parts. All supplies and parts are backed by our unmatched warranties.

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