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HP OEM Blue Pigment Bulk Ink Cartridge (HP 2242)

Item# Q2381A

(Hybrid) HP Ink Cartridge Blue 2242 Pigment Bulk Ink (175 ml)

HP OEM Black Bulk Ink Supply (HP C6119A)

Item# C6119A

(TIJ 2.5 / TIJ 2.5 Hybrid) HP 51645A Bulk Inkjet System Black (Generic Packaged)

HP Blue 2242 Pigment Ink

Item# Q2356A

(TIJ 2.5 Hybrid) 2242 Pigment Bulk Ink Supply Blue (350 ml)

HP OEM Blue Pigment Print Cartridge (HP 2242)

Item# Q2354A

(TIJ 2.5 Hybrid) 2242 Pigment Print Cartridge Blue (42 ml)

HP Black 4500 Pigment

Item# Q7457A

(TIJ 2.5 Hybrid) HP 4500 Pigment Bulk Ink Supply Black (350 ml)

HP OEM Non-Fluorescent Red Bulk Ink Cartridge (HP Q2358A)

Item# Q2358A

(TIJ 2.5 Hybrid) HP Bulk Ink Cartridge Red (350 ml)

HP OEM Versatile Black Bulk Ink Cartridge (HP Q2321A)

Item# Q2321A

(TIJ 2.5 Hybrid) HP Versatile Bulk Ink Cartridge Black (350 ml)

HP OEM Black Fast Dry Print Cartridge (HP C6195A)

Item# C6195A

(TIJ 2.5) HP 51645A Disposable Fast Dry Print Cartridge Black (Generic Packaged)

HP OEM Blue Spot Color Print Cartridge (HP C6170A)

Item# C6170A

(TIJ 2.5) HP 51645A Disposable Spot Color Print Cartridge Blue (Generic Packaged)

HP OEM Red Spot Color Print Cartridge (HP C6168A)

Item# C6168A

(TIJ 2.5) HP 51645A Disposable Spot Color Print Cartridge Red (Generic Packaged)

HP OEM Yellow Spot Color Print Cartridge (HP C6173A)

Item# C6173A

(TIJ 2.5) HP 51645A Disposable Spot Color Print Cartridge Yellow (Generic Packaged)

HP OEM Black Print Cartridge (10 Pack) (HP CG339A)

Item# CG339A

(TIJ 2.5) HP 51645A Print Cartridge 10-Pack Black (10 x 930 Yield)