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Our Story- The Newest Chapter

Next Day Plus has been busy.  And we don't mean just a little.  We've been working feverishly behind the scenes to bring our clients more value added benefits than ever before.  As always, we are keeping a keen eye on your print environment to-do list - tasks ranging from the mundane, such as simple toner replenishment, to the complex.  We streamline the procurement process and navigate the myriad of options for equipment, supplies and maintenance.  Afterall, it's the demands of our valued clients that keep Next Day Plus focused on excellent solutions.  Find out how we can make your office work smarter, not harder.

Let's shorten up that to-do list together.  Take another look at what the + can do for you.

Every business has a “garage story.” Ours is no different...except for the fact that it’s actually a basement story.

You see, Next Day Plus started out as Next Day Toner – a humble toner supplier, operating out of CEO Jeff Bollman’s basement back in 1998.

Armed with a small but mighty staff, our company quickly earned a reputation for our competitive prices, our loyalty to customers, and our obsession with all things toner. Oh, and our famous chocolate bars.

We made the switch from Next Day Toner to Next Day Plus when we realized over the years that our services and expertise went far beyond just supplying toner supplies.  While we’re still the same friendly bunch you’ve come to rely on and still provide the best-in-class toner, we do everything humanly possible to take all things print off your to-do list.

As Next Day Plus, we are here to serve you and make your day a little easier. Go ahead and give us a call – we’re eager to show you what the PLUS can do for you!

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