The Why

We understand that IT is not a commodity. It is a living and breathing service that is critical to your business operations. This is why we will focus on your needs and listen to you. Then we will assess your infrastructure and provide you solutions to improve and maintain your systems for years to come. We accomplish this through excellence in our people, process and offerings.

  • The People

    • Communicative
    • Professional
    • Experienced
    • Reliable
  • The Process

    • Discover
    • Assess
    • Improve
    • Maintain
  • The Offering

    • Network Security
    • Network Management
    • End User Support
    • Data Backup

The People

  • Senior Engineer assigned to oversee account
  • Management of over 6,500 endpoints
  • 99% of issues responded on time
  • 98% of issues resolved on time
  • 99.97% Customer System Uptime
  • 6 year average employee tenure
  • Engineers enrolled in continuing technology education
  • Engineers certified on all products
  • Serving all industries
  • Partnered with NDP since 2016

The Process

A Managed IT program must be structured with listening to the client’s needs. We take a strategic approach to analyze your environment, provide improvements, and proactively maintain the environment.


  • Listen to your needs
  • Listen to your pain points
  • Listen to your goals


  • Fix what is broken
  • Implement new technology
  • Verify and monitor results


  • Discover, document, and understand your environment
  • Identify your environment risks and inefficiencies
  • Recommend improvements


  • Proactively update your system
  • Respond when IT problems occur
  • Plan for the future

The Offerings

Network Security

Now more than ever, network security needs to be at the forefront of your IT strategy. A solid security plan provides ongoing management of users, systems and system activities. We manage these critical areas with a proactive mindset to prevent and predict attacks, as well as react quickly to issues. We protect you, your employees, and your company.

Network Management

A healthy IT environment is up and running on a regular basis and not interfering with your employees production. NDP has constant monitoring of systems through software and hardware. This constant management will improve performance, reliability and security as internal and external forces change.

End User Support

End user support (“Help Desk”) is critical to keeping your employees productive throughout the day. Nothing is worse than an employee sitting at their desk not being able to work due to an IT issue. This is why we provide unlimited help from our technical team who can resolve a majority of common issues with a phone call or remote support connection. Response time is everything and that’s why we guarantee this support in 2-4 hours.

Data Backup

You can have a healthy IT environment, but if your data is not being backed up, then you are not prepared. Data backup is essential for issues like failed hardware, data corruption, accidental deletions, and disaster recovery. NDP will implement a strategy of incremental, differential and full backups to ensure you are completely covered. Data is critical to your operations. Let NDP provide the backup strategy you need.