The Why

Savings on your bottom line, while gaining flexibility and functionality? No, it’s not too good to be true. Your business will benefit from the cloud-based features of VoIP. With our offerings, you don’t need to worry about an upfront capital investment, ongoing maintenance or service expenses
  • Savings

  • Flexibility

  • Functionality


Next Day Plus can save your organization up to 30% off your current phone environment by switching to VoIP. To save time, you can keep your current phone numbers to ensure zero business interruption. With VoIP, there are a multitude of upgrades or downgrades to increase maximum savings to your bottom line. The stress of a monthly phone bill with erratic charges will be a thing of the past!


You can work simultaneously on your desk phone, mobile device and computer. It doesn't matter if you're at the office, at home, in the car or at a coffee shop, your work line can be accessible. Business needs change, so we provide easy setup & configuration abilities to make changes on the fly. Our service team will work with any SIP phone, no matter the manufacturer. Rest easy that you do not need to change out your fleet.


Call queuing, call forwarding, on hold music/messaging, SMS messaging, CRM integration, voicemail to email notification, and having a virtual assistant are just some of the functionality of VOIP. You can better manage your telecommunications environment with cloud multi-level permission-access. With equipment monitoring, you have the ability to see who is on the phone, as well as equipment and site status.